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Truss Rod Cover for Vintage and Historic Les Paul • Aged and Rolled • Absolute Vintage Collection

$ 69.00

Back in the 50s, the sheet material Gibson used for truss rod covers often arrived at the factory curled and needed to be flattened before it was suitable for use. This was done by heating the material and running it through rollers. These machines left faint marks in the plastic that are known as roll marks, and now those covers are the most valuable to collectors. While today’s plastic is more stable and doesn’t require flattening, we wanted to have those coveted roll marks on our high-end covers. 

Our material is gently heated in our shop until it begins to curl, then we flatten it back out with rollers, creating authentic roll marks that are identical to the originals. 

After studying several vintage examples, we duplicated the size, shape and edge bevel. It’s a labor-intensive process but the final result is the most authentic, vintage-correct replica truss rod cover available today!

Handcrafted in our shop, lightly aged and ready to take your headstock to the next level. Screws included (not shown).

Made in USA.