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Wiring Harness for Fender Telecaster • Brown Sugar Blend
Wiring Harness for Fender Telecaster • Brown Sugar Blend
Wiring Harness for Fender Telecaster • Brown Sugar Blend

Wiring Harness for Fender Telecaster • Brown Sugar Blend

$ 79.00

Just wait till you hear what this harness can do for your Tele! We call it the Brown Sugar Blend. Why? Read on!

It's been speculated upon for years exactly what Keith Richards has under the hood of his main Tele, Macawber. By now, most agree that it's not stock Tele wiring, but a modified Broadcaster circuit. We think we've nailed it with this harness, and we can't wait for you to try it!

In the first position (traditional bridge position), the bridge pickup is engaged. The volume knob acts as expected, but the tone knob acts a blend that let's you dial in the neck pickup. At ten, you have the full bridge pickup. As you roll down toward zero, the neck pickup is brought in. It sounds amazing with any pickup configuration, but it really shines when you have a humbucker at the neck along with a single coil bridge pickup.

The center position selects the neck pickup and bypasses the tone circuit while the third (or neck) position selects the neck pickup with the capacitor engaged. Most old Broadcaster circuits use a cap in the .05 range which makes the neck pickup sound more like an organ than a guitar. So we chose a lower value capacitor in the .01 range for near-perfect "Woman Tone" from this position. An Allen Bradley 10k resistor evens out the balance between the pickups.

We build these with CTS' top-shelf 250k pots with brass posts and shafts. The capacitor is a paper-in-oil Bumblebee from the 50s. That's right, this is an authentic vintage Bee, not a reissue. The value of these old Bees tends to drift over the years, so we test them and choose them based on what they read now, which is in the .01 spec range. An Oak 3-way switch and Switchcraft jack brings it all together.

Shown mounted on our optional NOS nickel-steel control plate. Please select from the menu at the top of this description. Most Telecaster harnesses are mounted on a metal plate when installed on the guitar. This plate serves as a grounding shield. If your guitar is rear-loaded or the controls are mounted on a non-metal plate, a grounding loop will need to be added during installation. Contact us if you have any questions.

Wiring diagram included. Made in USA.